About the Brand and the Project

The School Principals engaged the services of The Branding Edge to work to come up with the proper branding and messaging for the new website and Marketing Materials. The Branding for the new website and the key goals of the Administration and the Parents were an integral part in creating the Architecture and Wire Framing for the site.
Evaluating the competition and the key words and imagery that came out the Visual Catalyst process guided the design for the new Home Page.
A PPT presentation was provided to the Founders and Parents providing them with a Branding Overview, New Logo Options, Colors and the New Website Design and Wire Framing, along with Preliminary Copy and Imagery put in place until a committee could agree on the final edits for the site.
Team: The Branding Edge Principal Margeaux Mann and the Founders, Administrators of the Ventana School as well as a CopyWriter from the Parents Pool of Volunteers who assisted in editing the PPT Presentation and the Final Website.

Ventana School Branding and New Web Design

Setting the Position and Tone of the Schools Message

Ventana School is a progressive, Reggio-Emilia preschool and elementary school with a focus on nurturing the individual mind and heart of each student. Ventana is process focused…not about grades, testing, more interested in the journey than the final destination. Ventana is affiliated with an Episcopal Church The founders, teachers, and parents who make up Ventana are exemplary of what this process can achieve. They have become the community they were seeking for their children. In turn, the community is an ever-evolving work in progress, continuing to create a unique, nurturing environment for the children and families to blossom.

Problem: Ventana School is a new private school in the Bay Area and needed to revisit the Brand as a whole, redesign the Website and Marketing Materials in order to address the message and create a distinct look and clear differentiator from the other private and public school options in the area.  
Solution: The Branding Edge did a Visual Catalyst Process with the Principals of the School as well as several involved Parents. Positioning Ventana School as a Brand was key in order create a look and feel for the site as well as consistent messaging throughout the marketing materials. The Visual Catalyst shed a spot light on the goals of both sides of the spectrum, the administrators and the parents (target audience). The hierarchy, dreams and goals for the school were flushed out, as were key words, imagery and desired goals and key differentiators. The Elevator Pitch and hierarchy were created from this process.