About the Brand and the Project

The project engaged the services of The Branding Edge to work collaboratively with RnDMedia the interactive digital solutions company, to come up with the proper branding and messaging for the Posters that the end user could relate to utilizing the imagery from the lessons. The Branding for the funding piece needed to have some synergy with the posters while maintaining a conservative voice and appeal to the decision makers in the foundations and academic partners for the project. The Branding Edge worked to create an Elevator Pitch for the overall project and a branding overview for each audience and came up with the collateral solutions. The final vote on several design reviews came down from a committee and The Branding Edge completed the project and oversaw the final printing and delivery of product to the Foundations and OneStops and Libraries. Team The Branding Edge, RnDMedia, The Rutgers team and the University of Tennesse Team.

Building Skills 4 Work Branding and Collateral

Collateral Divided by Two

Building Skills 4 Work is an online, free interactive education website spearheaded by Rutgers University and University of Tennessee. It is funded by a Foundation. It's main goal is to teach Soft Skills and Basic Academic Skills to people re-entering the market place or coming out of difficult life situations in need of some basic Skills to in the work environment.

Problem: Needed material to communicate the brand to the end user and to educate and solicit new funding to grow the project.  
 Solution: The brand needed to be broken down with two polar audiences in mind. The Posters were the solution for drawing the End User and a conservative slick brochure was needed to educate Academics and Foundation Board members.