Process For UX/UI

An outline of the Technical Goals was established, wide research on the existing competitors in the market place both in the digital world and the "Old School" behavior was launched.

A technology and user path was established and the work began by parsing out where the "White Space" in the market continues to exist based on the current applications and new apps beginning to show up in the market place.

The profiles were established for the typical Users and the work began on a white board of a "Low Fidelity Flow" of the users.
PROTOTYPING: An IA was established and a sample of the flow chart was attached to a prototyping on 2 mobile device's OS. The Low Fidelity allowed for input from the team and the editing of the flow with the goal of KISS was established for the first Beta.

A clean UI Visual Design was presented by 3 Design firms and the combination of the input was reworked implemented.

Team: The Branding Edge

Mobile Application UI/UX

Low Fidelity User Experience Based on ES and User Profiles
(Due to the proprietory nature of the project we will change the name)

About the Brand - BB App is a Consumer Application based on an existing model of advertising and being translated to an application program for Mobile use.

The Brand came out of a need to advertise to a certain segmant of the market. This identifies that segment and is designed for ease of use to both the advertise and discover.

Problem: Create a User Experience for Mobile Applications. Due to the nature of the existing user experience for both the advertiser and the end user the application needs to take into consideration who would comfortably be the early adopter and how to change the behavior of the advertiser.  

Solution: The Branding Edge broke the project down into a process. The Executive Summary. outlining what the application was and for whom, where it would most likely be used and how it would benefit the users both on the advertising side and the end user side.

Goal: Be programmer ready.